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Globular clusters are enormous collections of stars, like mini-galaxies, that orbit a main galaxy.  The Milky Way has 150 or more of these clusters in orbit around it.  This month’s Astronomy Magazine has a great article including images of what the sky would look like if Earth were situated inside a globular cluster.

10199 Chariklo is a Centaur. It’s fully rock, not half horse and man, and resides (along with the other minor planets known as Centaurs) in the outer portion of the solar system.  Recently, Chariklo (whose Wikipedia article would make a great fantasy novel title) passed in front of a star while astronomers watched from Earth to learn more about the asteroid. The star did not wink out once as expected, but three times, meaning this 150 mile space-rock has rings.

Everyone knows Neil deGrasse Tyson. Whether it’s from the new Cosmos television show (which I’ll admit I am, sadly, not caught up on), or from his infamous demotion of Pluto, you know he’s always got something clever to say.


I did this little spot illustration for Laika’s monthly Creative Challenge.  The theme this month is Tiny Pirates.  I’m actually working on a whole series of illustrations featuring this petite pirate and working on a story that I may send off this summer.

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The other day, I saw two birds going after a bunch of worms. One almost got a worm but was scared away when I walked nearby. I told the worm to “Squirm for it!”. I don’t know if he listened.


My brother just gave me his old DS and a copy of Pokémon Black.  I used to do things like this all the time when I had my old Blue lineup (probably 6th or 7th grade.) and decided to do a poke-self-portrait and play around with some halftones. As of last night, my trainer has three gym badges.


We’re making papertoys.  These are still just dummies of the finished product, so please excuse the scotch tape.

This is the Native American Gods set, Norse Gods, Egyptian Gods, and Sherlock Holmes sets are on the way!

Check out what I’ve been working on.


Some process work.  It’ll probably be a while before I finish this one.